We held our first Zoom meeting on Saturday 3rd October.  As you know, some of us can hit the ground running, some will need to get up to speed and some are even up-skilling with online training with the FSA this week.

However, we did make a start and we discussed and agree to the following:

Welcome to your new Trust Board. Profiles to follow on website soon:

  • Chair – Jason Flynn
  • Vice Chair – Paul Hughes (Interim)
  • Secretary – Paul Lawson
  • Treasurer/FSA liaison – Philippa Whittaker
  • Trust Rep – Not appointed see below
  • Membership secretary – Tracy Wright
  • Business/Events – Mark Harrington
  • SLO/FSA liaison – Mark Lund

Our Targets for the month of October:

Strength in numbers – Ongoing recruitment. Many hands make light work. We are short staffed and are seeking volunteers to help fill the below vacancies/skills.

  • Communication.
  • HR/Compliance/Good governance.
  • Legal: Corporate (think Club & shareholder rights), Land (think ACV).
  • Asset of Community value registered on BP – We need to start the renewal process ASAP.

Strength in numbers – Ongoing, to create a Go-To list: Additionally, we would like to have a list of people/businesses that can be on hand to help us. So, if you qualified, have an interest in, or looking for some volunteer experience in anything. Then please email us with your offer of help (area of interest) to: [email protected].

Please note: It is NOT essential, that you have to be a director or have your name in the public domain. Helping us, would be helping you as a fan. Our strength in numbers.

Trust meeting notes: Ongoing. We are conscious that our full meeting notes should be published with 48hours. However, we ask for your patience as we have a new secretary and he has to get a grip of our template and processes. We do aim to publish this weeks meeting notes by Friday 9th October.

Clubs in Crisis: Ongoing. To complete FSA webinar on Wednesday 14th October. It will look at the potential warning signs to look for at own football Club and suggest some top tips to help plan ahead.

Membership some Good news: Ongoing. The Trust has decided to offer free membership to members who were/are due for renewal or have joined this year and are due to renew next year. We will be sending a confirmation email out by the end of the week to relevant members with your next renewal date. Please ignore any recent reminder renewal emails you may have received and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Partnerships: Push the Boundary:  ONGOING. To confirm, we intend to remain in dialogue with Push the Boundary (PTB) and we will be contacting them this week with regards to this.

Partnerships: Our Club – our reality:  ONGOING. We understand that the membership wanted the Trust to continue to engage with the Club. However, there is only so much we can do to effect change and good governance. You can lead a horse to water as the saying goes.

Unanimously, we have decided that we will proceed to appoint a Trust rep, once we have agreed with the Club the mechanics required of our relationship to run more smoothly in the future. This week, we will be speaking to the Club about two assurances we will need going forward.

1) The Memorandum of Understanding. Is a foundation for the open-ness, honesty and transparency the fans wanted as part of the 6 fan expectations. Essentially, to finalise the MOU document that was previously agree to in June, but still remains unsigned at Club board level.

2) Club board meetings: Ensuring they are sensibly run with an agenda issued in a timely manner.

Last but not least, we hope you are safe and well and we thank you for your continuing support.

Trust Oldham