First of all, we want to thank all members who have contributed to this year’s AGM.

  • By completing the survey,
  • By voting in the director election,
  • By submitting questions of resolutions
  • By attended the live virtual AGM and voting on the resolutions.

We had up to 22 members logged in at one point and we will look at how technology can be used to engage with our membership more.

The AGM itself.

Is a yearly formal process with a set agenda that requires discussion and a vote on. This year’s AGM we discussed and approved:

  1. AGM 2019 meeting notes: Approved by 21 members via online poll. No objections, No abstains.
  2. Trust accounts from February 2019 to 31st January 2020: Approved by 21 members via online poll. No objections and no abstentions.

We had to withdraw a third agenda item which was substantial changes to the Trust Articles. This requires a vote of 75% of the membership to approve them.  The revised Articles have been completed, but the scheduled quality review by the FSA could not proceed due to staff sickness. We will keep you updated on this.

Additionally, we invited members to submit questions for the night and submit any proposals as well. We discussed these, please click the following link to read the responses to the AGM Members Q and A and Member Proposals

Candidates elected

This year the Trust heavily engaged with the FSA with regards to having an election policy and have complied with best practice in appointing an independent team to administer the elections in accordance with that policy. We thank both the FSA and the EMG (Election Management Group) team.

In the director elections 112 votes were recorded, so 57% of the membership exercised their right to vote. We are pleased with the high level of involvement.

It is crucial that members feel involved, especially in these times of pestilence. We hope that you feel that you have been able to play your part in this year’s AGM and that you have helped to shape the new Trust Board.