The Football Supporters’s Association have invited Trust Oldham to EFL headquarters on the 3rd December. In attendance will be other supporter organisations from each division.

The meeting covers a range of topics and will include governance and structured dialogue discussions. Each representative can contribute to their experiences of fan engagement and governance with their retrospective clubs. The aim is to help shape future governance for the benefit of all fans in all the leagues.

Notes from this meeting will be published in the future by the EFL/FSA.

The work your Trust does and is continuing to do, is now being recognised by organisations like the EFL. This can only be good news as our involvement helps to keep our fans, and club in the mind of those people who are making critical decisions that can effect us all.
Above all, your continuing support drives us forward to effect change for the better for all. Essentially to us, you are our 12th man and we thank you.