Trust Oldham met with the EFL on Thursday 14th November.

Essentially, it is the Trust’s responsibility to understand lessons learned in the aftermath of Bury FC and the recent DCMS report.

Our meeting was at the EFL headquarters in London where we met John Nagle Head of Policy and Nick Roberts, Public affairs manager. Ashley Brown from the Football Supporters’ Association also attended with us as part of our membership with the FSA.

The agenda below, was partially created from feedback given by the FSA in our September Trust review:

  1. Trust Oldham history:  An overview given to the EFL of who we are and our legal entitlement.
  2. Trust Oldham concerns/level of Info on:  Club Accounts, club AGM’s, our situation – Split ownership (landlord/tenant).
  3. EFL Governance: What lesson have the EFL learned and how they intend to move forward with all EFL club’s.
  4. EFL Regulations:  An overview of how they do this/plan to do this. The “how, what, when” and sanctions.
  5. Supporters Organisations: Discussion on routes of expressing concerns as supporters.
  6. EFL support: An Overview of what we are able to access as a supporter’s Trust.

The Trust team who attend will update the Trust board in more detail at our December meeting. Once the meeting notes have been approved by all three parties in attendance, we will then publish more information.

Additionally, the Trust would like to place on record our thanks to the following parties who made this meeting happen:

  • Ashley Brown from the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) for arranging our meeting and attending with us.
  • John Nagle and Nick Roberts from the EFL and use of their premises for the meeting.
  • Trust directors, Philippa Whittaker, Kenny Hopwood, Jason Flynn, Mark Harrington who volunteered to take time out of their daily routine to travel to London and represent the fans and Trust.

We hope you find the update useful.


Trust Oldham