Trust meeting notes:

We have been a little slow with getting these published. Please find attached notes for:

  • June and July 2019.
  • July AGM 2018 meeting notes. These were approved by members in attendance at the July 2019 AGM.

TO Notes 19.06.24 – V1

TO Notes 19.07.22 – V1

AGM 2018.07.09 Meeting minutes

A couple of thank you’s:

Trust Oldham would like to to go on record and thank the following companies:

  • Trust Oldham Player of the Year award.  Our thanks to Graham Anderson of Treble Darts & Trophies in Oldham. Graham provides the Trophy and engraving every year for the Trust and we thank him for his continuing support.
  • Meeting room support: The Trust does not have a home base with regards to our monthly meetings. We rely on the goodwill of local venues. We want to thank MA Kitchens, OAFC, and OEC who have offered their venues free of charge over the last few seasons and for this up and coming season.
  • Trust Oldham Advertising Board: We would like to thank MA Kitchens for repairing our advertising board inside Boundary Park this season. See photo below of one of MA kitchen’s crew who helped with the repair.