Thanks, and good luck!

Welcome to new head coach Dino Maaamria and welcome back player Filipe Morais. We also say thanks and goodbye to Laurent Banide, Bouziane Benaraibi and to any off the field staff who are moving on to pastures new.

Review of September targets.

First, Club/Fan EFL meetings.

The first fans forum was on 10th October at Royton Cricket club. The event was sold out. The EFL requirement is a minimum of two per season and the Chairman acknowledged that a further forum will be held in the next 2-3 months.  We look forward to seeing the next date confirmed, and would encourage the club to focus on the future development of the club after the past was discussed at length.

Second, Trust rep to receive up to date information from club.

The club’s second board meeting of the season was on 10th October. The Trust Rep was absent as he was returning back to the UK. With this in mind, Darren was given an update on the matters to be discussed and will also get a copy of the minutes.

  • Additional information: We have requested information from the club and as per the Trust FSA review in September. The Trust rep will give the Trust board a progress update at tonight’s board meeting. In the meantime, below is an update in one key area that covers several topics, finances.

Club’s financials.

Our members asked that Darren (Trust rep) reviewed the accounts with fellow Trust Director Philippa. This took place last Friday and good progress was made. Some technical points were raised and Darren will work through them with the club.  Darren will fully brief the Trust board at tonight’s meeting. Additionally, he will be reviewing the SCMP (EFL financial documentation) and Cashflow Statements in the next coming weeks.

One area of good news is that on September 26th the debenture to Necaru was filed as being settled. The club had assured us some weeks ago that this had happened. The debenture to Brass Bank is still showing as being unpaid and we will work with the club to find out why that is the case.

Third, Trust meeting with the Football Supporters Association.

A meeting was held and summarised in the update on 14th September.

October Trust Board meeting.

The Trust will hold it’s monthly meeting tonight on October 14th.

Above all, we will be discussing the recent statement regarding the acquisition of club shares by the FLG.

We will keep you update of any outcomes from the meeting.

Fan morale.

Lastly, as fans ourselves we understand it is a difficult time both on and off the pitch. We get it, its not a good time to be a fan with not much to celebrate, but as latics fans we do what we do best….we support.

Our fans are marvellous embassadors for our club, whether we attend matches or not as we support in many different ways, our diversity is second to none.

A big shout out to all those fans who attended Saturday’s difficult match at Mansfield, you were loud and proud. We are sure the players, head coach and club staff appreciated your vocal efforts. Well done all.

We are also glad to hear that player Dylan Fage is on the mend and we thank the Mansfield Captain Krystian Pearce for his quick response to the situation as well as all those involved with helping Dylan.

We thank you for your continuing support.

Trust Oldham