Following its Annual General Meeting on 22nd July, Trust Oldham is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors as follows:

  • Chair: Elaine Ganderton (elected for three years).
  • Trust Representative to the Board of Oldham Athletic: Darren Ratcliffe (existing Director)
  • Treasurer and Trust Representative to the ‘Fan Led Group’: Jason Flynn (elected for three years)
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Vice Chair: Kenny Hopwood (existing Director re-elected for three years)
  • Communications: Andy Bickerdike (elected for three years).
  • Events: Mark Harrington (existing Director re-elected for three years)
  • Football Supporter’s Association liaison: Philippa Whittaker (existing Director)
  • Commercial Partnerships: Mike Green (elected for three years)
  • Membership: Tracy Wright (existing Director)

The Trust received statements from two fans who would like to be considered as Co-optees to the Trust Board.  New Co-optee’s David Eames and Kevin Boden are welcomed to the Board of Trust Oldham.

The Trust would like to go on record to acknowledge and say “thank you” to those Board Directors who have stepped down during the course of the year

  • David Sullivan
  • Mark Lund
  • Simon Colebrook
  • Diane Mellor.

We thank all those members who attended and contributed to this year’s AGM.