Trust Oldham would like to go on record to thank one of the unsung heroes at our Club, one who represents the very best of our Club both on and off the field. The man who can put a smile on Latic’s faces when the chips/worms are down, Mr Wayne Hurst aka Chaddy the Owl.

Wayne has decided to hang up his wings, rest his weary talons and look after his beak, well we it happens to us all Owl’d age….hahah. Sorry Wayne.

Please find below Wayne’s sign off and again a “big thank you” from all us Latic’s fans, young and old.

So it’s now official. After taking up the role of Chaddy in 2004 I have decided to call it a day for my own reasons. It’s been an absolute honour to be known as the owl for 15 years, it’s had its ups and it’s down, but the highlights out way everything else. I’ve met many great friends, and had so many crazy memories that I could write a book about, but my biggest memory has to be the looks on children’s faces when they see Chaddy walking towards them. I hope to stay involved in the club, but from now on it’s in a different role. It’s been a pleasure and I wish every success to whoever takes over.#chaddyoverandout ? “