Trust Oldham is aware of growing concerns amongst fans regarding recent events at the club. The Directors of Trust Oldham have resolved to support our fans in voicing these concerns in a constructive manner.

We seek to maintain a positive working relationship with the owner of the club and our door is always open. It is also our duty to raise our concerns and ensure that the feelings of fans are heard and acted on where appropriate for the long term good of the club.  

Any efforts to be heard will be most effective if a common and consistent message is communicated to the club. We must be unified in our approach and act as one. 

To this end, we have arranged to host a Fans on Saturday, March 23rd. This provides the opportunity to captures fans’ concerns, table ideas for making fans’ voices heard and to develop a strategy for focused action which our fans can endorse. 

We seek consensus amongst fans as far as possible.

The meeting is open to all fans. You will require a ticket to access the meeting, available via the link below. Tickets are free of charge.

Please follow this link to register for a ticket.

Please note, a ticket either printed or shown on your mobile device will be required for entry to OEC for safety and security purposes, and we will have to politely decline entry to anyone without a ticket.

Draft Agenda

The meeting will be chaired by Darren Ratcliffe and the proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction and purpose of the meeting.
  2. Our concerns – what are they? 
  3. What do we want to achieve through any communication to the owner? What do we want to see from the club in the short to medium term to address concerns? 
  4. Next steps – how do we most effectively express our views in the short and medium term? 
  5. Monitoring progress and reviewing our campaign  

We ask that all attendees respect that everyone will wish to express their views and to allow that to happen, even if those views differ from your own. The chairpersons will manage the meeting in a fair and respectful manner and attendees are asked to ensure contributions are made in the same spirit.

Please direct any enquiries to [email protected]