Scoreboard Update

The Trust is disappointed at the lack of publicly available information in relation to the TIFOSY scoreboard crowd funding campaign from last season.

In the absence of a statement or other formal annoucement from the Club about the scoreboard monies, the Trust wish to provide you with the most up to date information provided to us.

The fund, in the club’s words, was for a scoreboard or large screen, as a result of a survey of fans conducted at the start of 2016.

The Trust were under the impression that the sum raised would not be used for any other purpose. We have recently been informed that the Club is pursuing a perimeter advertising board option. However, no clear details have been provided to the Trust, or indeed Tifosy, regarding costing, commercial terms or revenue expectations.

Despite the huge amount of work the Trust committed to undertaking in promoting the campaign, we have not been consulted by the Club on any changes or developments to the original scoreboard initiative and we would urge the club to fulfill its original commitment. At this stage, the Trust are unable to give reassurances that the Club’s plans meet the expectations which supporters had when they made their pledges and donations.

Simon Corney has stated publicly, and this was confirmed by Mark Moisley at a meeting with the Trust on 13 February 2017, that any fan who has contributed to the crowd-funded scoreboard fund can request their donation back in full at any time.